Friday, June 19, 2009

Trying to Keep The Pace

Lets see, posting has been minimal (again) because well ... life is just like that. Too many things on the go, so here is a little recap but I wish you luck on keeping up with this mother of a long, world record like post:

Last Friday saw us at Fort Steele, BC. It is an easy 10 minute maximum drive from Cranbrook and you are treated with breath taking sights such as this:

And this:

And as you are catching your breath from the incredible sights surrounding you, you are also treated to stepping into the past and capture a glimpse of life in a heritage town. Currently, this little park offers an abundance of baby critters such as horses, cows, goats and pigs. The other animals are slightly jealous of the attention the other animals are getting so therefore target suckers such as us to entertain themselves. Case in hand: crazy chicken below:

This rooster entertained all of the kids (daycare kids and my own) for 15 minutes and actually suckered my son into believing that he was the next "Chicken Whisperer". This bird would shout his cockadoodledo at the top of his lungs in answer to my son's clucking attempt. If another child, adult or animal attempted to partake in this rooster version of American Idol, the silence was deafening. If my son broke the silence with his doodledo version, the damn bird would have his rebuttal twice as loud. And, at one point, the rooster in the pen across the alley way, joined in to make it a threesome harmony for a solid five minutes. It was a sight to be seen that had visitors, employees and all around in peals of laughter, tears and amazement. After tearing my son away from his bonding moment with the other males, there was a little gold panning to be done:

And yes, eureka was called and the kids came home with water filled vials of their gold specks.
The weekend was filled with yard work, house work and playing with my kids.
Monday saw Kaelen having another hearing test and a follow up appointment with the specialist to determine what our next course of action will be for him. The hearing test went well. In fact, his hearing has improved since his adenoid surgery, unlike his health. And, we did not get to see the specialist to determine our next course of action. We will have to wait until August 4th for that information because, well, that is our stellar medical system for you: too many people in need; not enough specialists.
Tuesday was Kaelen's last day of soccer. The night was great as Daddy was able to join us and seeing as McDonalds sponsored Kaelen's soccer league, there was a wind up there. Darn. I managed to shovel a Quarter Pounder Meal into my gullet without any issues.

Thursday morning saw Kaelen graduating from preschool and Mommy choking on a few tears that morning. How the hell did he grow so fast? My baby, my best friend will be going to kindergarten come the fall. And he will be turning five in the fall.

Thursday night saw me back at the golf course because well, I am a sucker for punishment. I work every Thursday night helping out the Food & Beverage department and come July, it will be Monday nights too. It makes for long days with the daycare and this, but we are hoping to be able to go on another family vacation this winter, with hopes of returning back to Disneyland so a Mommy has to do what it takes to ensure that happens.
That brings me to today, Friday. It is the gulp ... Monster Trucks ... which hubby will be indebted to me forever for doing this seeing as he had a mental fart and booked a member function over at the golf course that required his presence. So off I go with my son to the gulp, Monster Trucks, and even though I am not a big drinker, I just may have to ease the pain by consuming one or two beverages during the "show". It is also Sam Steele Days this weekend so it is a busy one for us as we will be attending the parades and festivities.
Until Monday at least ......

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Goofball said...

busy busy busy but sounds like a lot of fun though! So great that the rooster responded to Kaelen only!!! Cool, that must have made him feel so proud.