Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beaching It

Okay ... so I kind of got the directions messed up resulting in us never really making it to an actual beach. We did however hunt all day for seashells and attempted to break our ankles by climbing over rocks. We did dip our toes in the ocean and scream in squeamish delight when seaweed crashed upon us as a wave pushed it to shore. We filled our buckets up with clam shells, so much so that you just may receive a gift of a few in the mail ... because we do have a lot and we are generous that way.

On the docket for tomorrow? Well ... it is Canada Day you know so we will be whoopin it up and partaking in the festivities. We will start out with the pancake breakfast followed by a parade and then we are off to that nifty market that I am so in love with and will party like rock stars getting our faces painted, balloons made in animal shapes and stuffing our faces in birthday cake.
It is going to be so much fun! Why don't you join us?


Goofball said...

happy Canada day! happy festivities

Goofball said...

ever been to granville island? that's a really good market too.

Amber said...

Sigh. Jealous. Hope you've having a blast!