Monday, June 08, 2009

No Answers ..... Yet

No answers were forth coming for Kaelen's appointment this past Thursday. There was a lot of vagueness on behalf of the specialist, unwilling to question his partner's decision (in front of us) as to why things were done the way they were. I can appreciate that and I can respect the decision as to why the original specialist did the things the way he did. After all, he was only treating Kaelen for the issue that was at hand: damaged hearing due to enlarged adenoids and speech complications due to said adenoids. He wasn't looking for other issues at hand because we had never identified them as issues. They were never issues that we were aware of. Until recently, we have never dealt with sore throats nor ear infections. Our issue has always been with the little man's speech; you either understand him or not. And, a majority of people are in the second category as opposed to the first.

The good news is that our new specialist has booked Kaelen in for a hearing test next week to determine whether or not Kaelen has actually suffered further hearing damage. He wants to cover all bases of issues at hand to be able to treat them all at once upon surgery. At this point, we know that the tonsils are coming out, but the specialist wants to ensure that is the only surgery that is needed and if not, then he can do all things necessary in one surgery as opposed to multiple.

So, we wait until June 15th, the hearing test, to see where we go from here.

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Ellen said...

awe, that would be tough as a parent (the not knowing, or vague-ness) but that's good that your specialist now wants to cover all the bases first instead of being trigger happy with surgery (sorry that's probably not a good cliche) but there are so many Dr's out there now that seem so eager to do surgery for any little thing... take one day at a time my friend!!