Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Playing with Balls

Yesterday saw us relaxing a bit. The travel and sleep deprivation caught up to the kids which in turn gave them short fuses that easily lead to tears, refusing to eat and lots of whining. Thus, we decided to stick close to home and explore our surroundings within the vicinity.

We spent the morning down at the market again where we just can't get enough of. The views are spectacular, the boats coming in and out of port are fascinating to the kids and the overall ambiance of the market is so Caribbean like. You can purchase any kind of food fresh: seafood, meat products, bread, pasta, fruits and vegetables; most of which is certified organic. The upstairs section of the market has trendy little shops that are pricey but unique. The upstairs also hosts a ball pit for kids and a kid's barber shop where they can sit in cars, planes or boat and have their haircut while watching a movie. It is the same as Beaners for those of you back in Calgary.

Again, you will have to pardon the photos as my sister's computer doesn't have any type of editing programs on it so I can't even take out the devil red eyes of the kids. Although, truth be told, I think that he was borrowing their little bodies for periods of the day .....

Down the slippery slide into the pit of balls Kaelen goes.

Into the pit Masyn goes. It took her a little longer to befriend the slide so she was content just to jump into the pit.

Masyn sitting in the pink Barbie car. I selfishly wouldn't let her get her haircut because I love her locks too much.

Kaelen meanwhile needed a trim as his hair grows at the rate of weeds, so he in turn got a buzz cut. Although the picture appears to contradict me, he was very excited about the haircut and having it done in the Spiderman car.

The afternoon saw us having a tour at my sister's office. Do I even have to mention that they have a few fancy rooms that are WALL TO WALL with FULL WINE RACKS. My mouth honestly started drooling and I envisioned myself locking myself in a room to do a wee bit of sampling. After the tour, the kids and I headed back to North Van and went on a little hike around the area. When I say hike, I mean we scaled steep hills in search for a playground that was not all nouveau like. After an hour, we discovered one that the kids enjoyed and spent another hour climbing our hearts out.

After a fabulous dinner with great company we surprisingly headed back down to the market for a walk just in case we missed out on a shipping barge or cruise ship leaving or arriving. Needless to say, the kids slept like angels last night. Not bad for a relaxing day huh?

Today sees us heading over to West Vancouver to spend the day on the beach hunting for seashells. Until later ......

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Goofball said...

heeheee that picture with masyn's hair flying in the air is so cute