Thursday, June 04, 2009

Waiting for Answers

Today is the day where hopefully answers will come forth. Answers to how we are going to help Kaelen get better. Ever since the removal of his adenoids back in March, he has been dealing with tonsillitis, hearing loss, ear infections and now speech loss as we can't understand what he is saying.

The adenoids were removed to prevent further hearing damage due to consistent fluid being trapped within the ear canals resulting from over large adenoids. The surgery went so easy and we lived in bliss for three weeks post surgery; all was looking good, until we derailed. Isn't that always the case?

Kaelen was seen by another specialist a few weeks back at the hospital and we are to go back this morning. He questioned why the tonsils were never taken out as they are on the large side of normal as well and he felt that they were the contributing factor to Kaelen's speech issues. He also felt (at the time) that Kaelen likely has always had major ear infections within the ear drum and tonsillitis and that he just never conveyed that pain/discomfort to us. How did he know this? Scar tissue, the sheer size of the tonsils after repetitive flare ups and so forth.

So folks, keep your fingers crossed for us that we can get some kind of diagnosis today to help ease the little man's problems. And of course, I hope the specialist is prepared because I have a list as long as my 36" inseam of questions that I want answered.


Jenn said...

Hey Allie,

I hope you get your answers today. Good job at being an advocate for your son and coming with the list of questions.

Amber said...

I keep checking back to see if you've updated. What have you heard? I hope the news is good!

Amber said...

Also, I can't remember but are we connected on Facebook?

Ellen said...

I've just caught up on your blog.. I hope that you've got some answers!! or at least a better idea of what direction you guys need to go in!! thinking of you and ur boy!!