Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thirteen Thursday

In following a post from a fellow blogger who had linked my blogsite to her Thirteen Thursdays last week, she listed websites that she visits.

Here are the websites that I visit on a daily basis (in random order) and why:

1. - My good friend Ellen from Belgium who came to Canada on a student exchange.
2. - A beautiful young lady that I used to work with and now consider as a younger sister.
3. - A blogging mom whose blog I stumbled upon and now love. I hope to meet Beth one day as I so very much enjoy our communications back and forth as well as her stories about motherhood.
4. - A former Canadian, now mom of 2 who has this amazing ability to share her mothering experiences with immense humor.
5. - Yet another blogging mom. Stephanie's posts always seem to remind me what to be thankful for.
6. - Just have to visit Kate's site on a daily basis especially now knowing that she is a true lover of Duran Duran.
7. - Love this woman and her ability to express herself so freely. Check out the comments that she receives as well. I envy the talent that Stephanie has to be able to get so many people talking and at times debating.
8. - Jenn is my Thirteen Thursday inspiration. Thanks for linking me last week as a website of interest to you!!
9. - The Laplante Family is the newest Mommy to join the blogger community. I look forward to Karen sharing many more stories with us - especially when those twins arrive! Welcome!!
10. - Another beautiful young woman that I used to work with. Reading her posts make me so reminicent of my days of young adulthood and the struggles that came with it. Keep your chin up Steph - it will get easier!
11. - Discovered this site via a comment that was left on my blogsite. If you are looking for good sarcastic fun, you just have to check this out.
12. - This site has been a tremendous source of information to me since being diagnosed with Protein S and Antithrombin deficiencies. It has given me comfort of going through pregnancy and knowing that it is possible to have another child with these blood clotting disorders.
13. - Another site that I am sure almost every woman at one point has visited when trying to conceive or being pregnant. Again, I participate in a forum called Lovely Lovenox Ladies - a message board for women who have a blood clotting disorder and how they are dealing with this during pregnancy.
14. - Last but not least, even though this is #14 and I don't visit it on a daily basis anymore, this site was a savings grace for me when Kaelen suffered from Infant Reflux Disease due to his prematurity. It is a tremendous source of information but not necessarily one that all doctors will agree with or believe. This sickness for babies is difficult to get diagnosed but so very easily to treat. Again, the message boards was a huge support system to me at a time that we were completely frustrated. Kaelen has since outgrown this sickness.


kate said...

how cool to be included in your list-- thanks!

(yes, hubby and i did sit down last nigh to watch a duran documentary. there really is no hope for us.)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, thanks- an honor to make your list!!

P.S. look at all the bloggin' moms named Stephanie out there!


Jenn said...

Thanks for new blogs to read. I love all the new reading!

Also thanks for including me =)


Amber said...

Wow, I'm honored!

And eager to hear how your Spruce Meadows outing went. I'm from SE Calgary and spent a good deal of time in that area!

beth said...

Thank you Allie. I feel the same way. I'm not sure how you stumbled onto my blog but I've always been so glad that you did.