Monday, November 13, 2006

How do Babies Grow?

Growing up and being the older sister, I took this as also meaning that I knew much more than my younger sister Christie. She would ask a question, not really meaning for me to answer, but I would take that as her asking the wise old owl for sage advice.

I remember when the two of us were sent to do the dreaded chore of cleaning up our toy closet. We were lucky kids as we had a whole closet with shelves dedicated to the mass amount of Barbies, dolls, dress up clothes, games and books. What we didn't know, was that we were expected to utilize those shelves to present a semblance of order to the closet. Seeing as this was rarely ever executed, we would on a weekly basis be assigned the painful task of cleaning our mess up. Now that I look back on it, it was more painful for my mom as it would take Christie and I literally an entire day to get the job done.

I have this one particular memory that took place while we were procrastinating like crazy in cleaning up our toys. We were sitting in the closet playing with our dollies who were our babies. Christie asked me where babies came from. Our conversation went something like this:

Christie: "Allie, where do babies come from?"
Allie: "They just grow in you."
Christie: "Really?"
Allie: "Yes. Right now because you are so young, you probably only have a hand in your tummy. Me? Well, because I am so much older, probably have an arm and a hand, maybe even a foot."

Now flash forward to Saturday night. Kaelen, Paul and I went out for dinner with a friend. Just before dinner was served, the baby in Mommy's tummy gave me a rather uncomfortable boot delivered into my poor abused bladder. Out of habit, I rubbed my tummy to comfort the little one who was obviously displeased about something. Kaelen, being the ever perceptive child, looked to me and we had to following conversation:

Kaelen: "Mommy? Tummy hurt?"
Mommy: "No Kaelen. The baby was just tickling Mommy's tummy"
Kaelen: "Baby in Mommy's tummy?"
Mommy: "Yes Kaelen"
Kaelen: "Hand in my tummy too"
Mommy: "What is that Kaelen? You have a hand in your tummy?"
Kaelen: "Yes. Baby hand"
Mommy: "You have a baby' hand in your tummy too?"
Kaelen: "Yes Mommy. Baby in my tummy" (this was followed by Kaelen sticking his tummy straight out and rubbing it vigorously)

So, I guess the point of my story is that being an older child most definitely makes you knowledgeable about everything. Kaelen is already exercising his intelligence that he will no doubt share with his sibling.


Tee Tee said...

So funny - oh the memories. If you keep sharing our warped childhood stories - we may get sent to the funny farm after all.

So - if this is true - my wise, sagely sista - I MUST be close to a full baby by now!!! That would help explain my pudgy tummy other that the fact that I like food.

kate said...

ha!!! that's so funny that he would replay sort of the same warped mythology that you did as a child. genes are crazy things!