Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Little Halloween Goblin

As initially predicted, Kaelen showed no interest to go out on Halloween to Trick or Treat. However, that all changed as soon as the first little goblin came a knocking at our door. Once he saw that they received a handful of candy upon yelling "Trick or Treat", his tune was much different. He quickly ran upstairs to get into his costume, to get outside amongst the competitive action.

Daddy took our little fireman to about 8 houses in our neighborhood and Kaelen would quietly say Trick or Treat at every single house. Due to the chill, 8 houses was plenty for him. Besides, the suspense of checking out the goodies in his bag was killing him.

Home my chilled boys came (it was -17 C out with the windchill) and filled their gullets with sugar. And, that sugar high fueled Kaelen's desire to help give the candy out to all of the kids that haunted our doorstep for the rest of the night.

On our front porch steps.

Checking out the fruits of his labor.

1 comment:

Tee Tee said...

Best looking fireman I've seen!!!
(nope - not biased at all!!)