Friday, November 10, 2006

Mommy versus The Monsters

Kaelen has learned the concept of monsters somewhere over the past week. Likely daycare. On Thursday however the obsession of monsters lurking everywhere became extremely prevalent. I was concerned about this and hoping that it didn't lead to total night time hysteria and that it was just an indication of Kaelen's imagination developing. After about an hour of monsters popping out left, right and center while Mommy was lying in Kaelen's bed with him, Mommy decided it was high time to come up with a few rules.

They are as follows:

  1. Monsters can only come out during the day when the sun is out. This is especially so for the big purple ones that seem to stalk Kaelen at every turn of his shoulder.
  2. Purple monsters are scared of closets and the space under couches and beds.
  3. Blue flying monsters are like birds - they sleep at night and look for worms to eat during the day.
  4. The tiny yellow monsters are like spiders. Harmless and very scared of Kaelen because he is such a very big boy.
  5. If you tell the monsters that you want to hug them, they will just want to cuddle and play with you (or on Thursday night's case, sleep beside Kaelen).
  6. If monsters want to play hockey in our basement, they too need to wear imaginary helmets.

So far these rules have been working. The monsters even went so far as to play a game of hockey with Kaelen and his shadow, Peter Pan who had made a return after a long sabbatical. After a long, tough hitting game full of injuries and penalties, Kaelen and Peter Pan eventually won the game in a shoot out.

Now while watching Kaelen and interacting with his vivid imagination is certainly entertaining, there is also that small part of Mommy that is concerned that one day, this will develop into true fear. The only savings grace is that this Mommy has a very active imagination (or so she has been told throughout her years of growing up) so it is very much doubtful as to whether any monster will be able to scare Kaelen for long.


Tee Tee said...

So funny - wish I knew the rules then! Now that I do, maybe I can stop using my night light?

God help your children if they inherit our family's overactive imaginations!!!!!

goofball said...

I didn't have rules, ...I don't remember I was very much into ghosts or monsters either. But I had a small sleeping light.

When sleeping over in somebody's elses house, I could be afraid of the darkness there and then I told myself something I picked up somewhere "ghosts are like you can't grab air, air can't grab you either". Not as imaginative as hockey playing monsters, but it was effective for me.

My true fear was in fact burglars in the dark...Pff always been too realistic.