Monday, November 20, 2006

Conversations with Kaelen

Just a few conversations that Kaelen had over the weekend. As you can see, he is certainly a very astute little boy. More than I give him credit for anyways .....

Auntie Christie: "Kaelen: Where is your baby?"
Kaelen: "Over there ... in Mommy's tummy. One baby in Mommy's tummy (along with one chubby little finger held high in the air to emphasize his point)"
Auntie Christie: "Are you going to be a good big brother?"
Kaelen: "Yes. Kiss Mommy. Kiss baby in tummy."

Kaelen runs over to Mommy and rips up Mommy's shirt to plant soft, wet kisses all over his sibling.

Kaelen: "Mommy - feel baby kick."
Mommy: "Pardon Kaelen? (as he hasn't asked this yet)"
Kaelen: "Feel baby kick"

Kaelen proceeds to pull up Mommy's shirt to place his perfect little hands on each side of my tummy.

Kaelen: "Baby kicked!"
Mommy: "Really .... you felt the baby kick?"
Kaelen: "Yes! Baby kicked me!!" (followed by immense squealing and a little foot stomp dance).
Mommy: "I guess that must be because the baby loves you so much and knows what a good brother you are"

Note: The baby did not kick Kaelen, but has since ........

Kaelen: "Mommy?"
Mommy: "Yes Kaelen"
Kaelen: "Feel baby kick?"
Mommy: "Sure. Come on over here"

The baby begins to kick as if this is rehearsed.

Kaelen: "Doctor fix when baby ready?"
Mommy: "Pardon Kaelen?"
Kaelen: "Doctor fix?"
Mommy: "Sorry Kaelen, Mommy doesn't understand what you mean by doctor fix"
Kaelen: "Doctor fix? Baby come out of tummy? Doctor fix?"

Sitting in stunned silence, again I marvelled at how astute Kaelen is. It just goes to show you that those little ears are always listening to what is being said and that these little precious people are truly like sponges absorbing everything that is going on around them.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

They are always watching and hear even things YOU didn't even hear yourself say!!

beth said...

He's such a brilliant little sweetie. He'll be such a good big brother.

Do you still have that doctor hounding you about his speech? I hope not. He sounds so clever.

Sheryl said...

Don't ever forget those moments! They are beyond precious and they only last a little while! Your son sounds like a joy!