Monday, November 06, 2006

Does my Hubby read my blog?

I am hopeless. Really. After spending the past 14 years with my husband, I am still truly and utterly in love with him. My husband is certainly not a man of many words nor actions. He has no concept of what romance is and I have to practically beg him to get affection in the form of hugs or the daily "I love you". Oh how I wish there would be a day that he would just surprise me and do something out of the blue: like send me flowers just because, to just grab me and tell me how he could never live his life without me. You know - all of that fantasy stuff that most of us married women dream about, read about in novels or see in budding relationships with others that you may work with.

Despite these little things, we have a rock solid marriage. A marriage that will withstand the test of time. One that will make it through the times of uncertainty and the rough patches that all relationships and people in general go through in life. Some may say it is naive, but I will be spending the rest of my life with hubby. Giving up on our marriage just isn't an option for us. From the moment that we knew that we would be spending the rest of our lives together, we both said that when we got married that it would be forever; that divorce would never be an option for us.

Things have been rather difficult in our household of late. With hubby working extreme hours, to the emotional start and continuation of this pregnancy to our worries about Kaelen. Our home hasn't been that soft place to fall, but rather that tense place to continue to run around in and play catch up on life. The laughter and love are still there, but the two of us are acting like a team; all business. We just get home, get things done and then fall into bed exhausted. There has been no room for the two of us to take care of one another. Kaelen and this baby is our primary focus, then comes the finances followed by the house. It has felt lonely and even though we have talked about it, we just haven't attempted to bridge that gap of intimacy. Intimacy not in the form of sex, but in the form of comfort. Of providing those warm fuzzies, that feeling of unconditional security of knowing that everything will work out for the best. That no matter what, we will be okay.

After a weekend of quality family time, things are changing. The sunshine seems to be out again sending us rays of positive hope. And, you know what? The most amazing random act of kindness happened to me already this morning. A beautiful message was left on my voice mail at work from my hubby. You know - my hubby who is a man of many words (not). What did it say? Well, that we have a beautiful son who woke up like a new little man this morning (that is a whole other story to follow) and how much fun he was and ...... that I looked beautiful this morning. That the outfit that I am wearing shows how beautiful I am. Man - let me tell you .... THAT is better than any amount of flowers that I could EVER receive! Especially of late. How did he know that it would appeal to my pregnancy vanity? He must have read my blog .........


Megan E. Pratt said...

dreamy. i wish my boyfriend did things like that.

Amber said...

How sweet of him! I'm glad the simplest thing brightened your really doesn't take much, does it!!

Jenn said...

Marriage is defintly work, but totally worth it, espeically when great things happen.