Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tickle Me Tuesday

I will freely admit now that the past few weeks have been difficult ones for me but I hit a eureka moment this past Friday. I am not sure what caused it, but it was like a huge ray of sunshine broke through the dark, dreary clouds and it embraced me with its rays of hope and warmth. I feel hope where before I felt like I was sinking, I feel humour where before it was despair and I am starting to feel peace where before it was chaos.

I sit back and think, what caused this radical change? Well, I decided to paint my finger nails (and Masyn's), I also trimmed up the massive caterpillar living above my eyes. I am on day four of actually putting on makeup and making an attempt to have a hair style. I am making a point of eating breakfast and cutting down on my coffee consumption. In short, I have decided that I needed to take care of me. That I needed to spend time to take care of me so I can in turn effectively take care of everyone else around me.

Life can be challenging. In one moment, it can catch up to you and seem so overwhelming. For me, it has felt like we have been riding a roller coaster for the past year. I look back on last year and think to myself, "Wow ... you actually survived". And that is when I was supposed to reflect on the New Year and say, "Wow ... all is great". Instead, nothing has slowed down for us. We are continuing to live in that swirling vortex of chaos and it was starting to feel lonely and defeating. But, thankfully and curiously, something changed for me on Friday and I feel good and ready to take on the challenges that life is presenting me. I have the energy to defeat the bad in our lives and change it into good.

So, wish me luck as I am about to don my suit of armor to slay a few dragons this week.


Goofball said...

goodluck you gorgeous girl!

Ellen said...

what a great revelation for you!! I know the feeling.. my single girlfriend showed me how easy it can be to straighten my hair (it really doesn't take that long!) and somehow it made me feel like a whole new person.. plus if I'm at the mirror already doing my hair, it doesn't take long to put a little color on my face too :) wa-la.. me feels better :) lol.. the saying is so true, when mom's happy, everyone's happy!! we need to always remember to take care of ourselves!!