Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Princess

She was the light at the end of that dark tunnel,
She taught me to overcome my fears and to take that leap of faith to believe that all will be okay,
She was the soothing balm of my broken heart from the moment we touched skin to skin;
And from every moment there on in, my heart was filled with loving pride and contentment.

Two years of bliss have passed by yet it feels like a minute,
And despite some shadows still being there, she is my sunshine that warms me from within.
She makes me laugh and she makes me cry but most of all, it is the moist wet kisses and tight hugs within that tiny embrace that makes me feel alive.

She is beautiful, she is precious;
She is smart and vivacious,
She is compassionate and independent.

In short, she is perfection; my perfection and I can't get enough of her.


Mimi's Toes said...

Awh...Happy Birthday to your Princess. Thanks for visiting today.

Ellen said...

Is March 17th your daughter's birthday? Funny, cuz it's my mom's birthday too :) I am so glad that things seem to be going well with Kaelen! My girlfriend's son is having problems with his adnoids too, but he's not able to breath properly and it sounds like they will have to wait 6 months or so for surgery!

Jenn said...

So beautiful... you brought tears to my eyes.


Allie said...

Masyn's birthday was Feb 15th and I had this post partially done for a while. To my shame, I only got to finishing it today thus being late.

Ellen said...

Don't feel guilty for not finishing your post Allie, with all that has gone on in your household.. blogging doesn't need to be the top priority :)

Sheryl said...

SHE is the lucky one to have a mother that loves and adores her so much! She truly is a beauty and a blessing!

Goofball said...

she's perfect ...she's your daughter!

Amber said...

Happy birthday. Can she really be 2 years old? I can't believe I've been reading your great blog for that long!