Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Trooper

That was the first song that popped into my head yesterday and as per usual, I changed the words as I sang it to my little super trooper. He was fabulous - a nurse and surgeon's dream. No crying, no fear and fully cooperative with lots of smiles and thank yous. Can you believe it? He even thanked everyone for taking good care of him without any prompting from me!

We checked into the hospital at 6:00 am, he rolled into surgery at 7:45 am, back to recovery by 9:00 am and back to home on the couch by 10:30 am. We were the first surgery of the day and we also lucked out as our neighbour was the OR nurse. Having that familiar face when Mommy could no longer be there was like having icing on the cake. Truly.

And, my little super trooper is great! He was in great spirits despite being swollen and dopey yesterday and we did have a little blip at about 4:00 pm when a high fever and nausea set in for about 6 hours. He did sleep through the night and today we have been hard pressed to keep him from swinging off the chandeliers. He is refusing medicine and frustrated because we won't let him play hockey. Appetite is there today and ya - it is just like any ordinary day despite him still being swollen in the face. At the risk of jinxing myself, it has been really easy so far.

And the best news? The surgeon said that the blockage was huge - bigger than he has seen for quite some time and we will notice an immediate difference within a couple of days. In addition to this, he also felt that Kaelen would likely not need any speech therapy as the blockage was so large, it was actually physically hindering him from being able to articulate certain consonants and such. So, not only will Kaelen now hear better, he will likely be able to speak better too!

Masyn was completely out of sorts yesterday too because she knew something was up with Kaelen. She wouldn't leave him alone, trying to hug him and bring him toys all day long. When he wasn't responsive to her or sleeping, she would start to cry and point to him saying "owie". It was very endearing to see her so concerned about her big brother and amazing too. How could I have ever feared that they couldn't have an incredible, close sibling bond due to being the opposite sex? Funny when we look back and reflect on our naivety isn't it?

Thank you for your well wishes - they certainly helped with the outcome of success for us!


Jenn said...

I'm sure that the mothers attitude has a lot to do with the outcome as well.

Glad to hear everything went well for Kaelen and that it was all done for a very good reason.


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear the song.....I can only imagine