Monday, March 16, 2009

Dragon Breath

I was warned that his breath could become smelly, but nothing could prepare me for this noxious fume. It is toxic at it's best and perhaps it is a good thing that Kaelen is so congested and stuffed up (a surgery side effect). The good news is that this means that he is healing well and quickly and that we may only have to endure this stench for another couple of days. But wow, trust me when I say that it is bad. We brush his teeth every couple of hours to try to provide him with a fresher tasting mouth and sadly, he isn't allowed to gargle for risk that liquids could seep into the surgical area and irritate it. Another kicker is that Kaelen does not like to chew gum and dislikes the taste of peppermint so breath mints are out of the picture as well.

Other than the foul smell emanating from him, he seems to be doing very well. Already he has commented on how he can hear much better out of his right ear and we have noticed that his decibel output when trying to talk to us has come down a level or two. If he pushes himself, then the fever, nausea and pain come back but if he stays calm and somewhat stationery, there is no pain or anything. We have four more days of holding him back and then after that, we can let him set the pace for himself on his activities.

Someone pinch me because this seems too easy. Too easy in the sense that all is going well with no hiccups so far. We always have to go the difficult route - it is something that was genetically coded into us.


Jenn said...

Kaelen must be good at limiting himself, I remember how well he made do after the broken leg.

Be a positive thinker, surgery is hard enough. That was the hard part.


Goofball said...

I hope he continues curing well.

do you read Alex Eliot's blog? her son got a similar surgery last month.

Her son started growing much more after the removal of the adenoids!