Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finding Strength

The time has come for me to buck up and take control of my own destiny. Destiny in the form of ...... exercise. Yep. Just hearing that word practically causes me to vomit, muscles seize up and my butt provides the illusion of being 20 lbs heavier, hence forcing me to sit down in an effort to give my poor overtaxed legs a break. So, in an effort to take control, I have come up with the bird brain idea that I will sacrifice well deserved sleep and awaken upon the first chirp of a bird, without a coffee, to go for a run.

Okay, seriously now, I will likely walk for the first couple of days to help my body adjust to the sudden shock of punishment and then will slowly introduce the running movement (provided my brain and body can cooperate with one another). I have always had a dream to participate in a marathon and the goal was to accomplish that before turning 40. In a couple of months I will be 37, and training for a run as such takes anywhere from 1 - 2 years so it is now or never for me.

The alarm has been set for 5:30 am tomorrow morning - and this is a late one for me as I do not have daycare kids tomorrow. Other mornings, particularly come summer, that alarm will chime at 4:00 am so I can get my run in before hubby goes to work, which is usually 5:30 am in the peak of golf season. Just thinking of that causes my stomach to churn and sudden ailments show signs of popping up like a tweaked knee or ankle. It has me wondering if my son, who is 4 and begging to do a running race with me this year, could push me in the jogging stroller each morning while I enjoy that much needed cup of coffee. Now that, is my ideal form of exercise. Until that actually happens, I will take off tomorrow in hopes that I don't fall on ice, pull a hamstring, get lost or just down right walk too far away from home that I can't make it back. But don't worry .... I will be equipped with my cell phone and of course money just in case I happen to pass out right in front of the coffee shop.


Jenn said...

I'll be there cheering you on! GO, Allie GO!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd you are funny!
You will do awesome! Use that great watch I bought you!

We can go together next week when I am there! But stopping at the coffee shop is a MUST!

Ellen said...

wow that is ambitious!! (to get up that early) I don't think I could do it.. I also decided that I need to commit to an exercise regime.. but I am really bad at forming good habits, so I decided my kids are going to keep me accoutable (check out my latest post).. I am going to start with commiting to a half hour of rigorous exercise with my kids (and daycare kids) every day (well 5 days a week). I started today and was wiped out by the time the half hour was done.. mind you it consists of jumping up and down, playing simeon says (which includes a lot of jumping up and down), chasing the kids around the island, running on the spot, sit ups with the kids taking turns sitting on my knees :) that sort of stuff :) lol

Goofball said...

oh my, you are so curageous!!! Good luck with it. How is it going?

I always hear from people that run, that it becomes addictive. So maybe only the first couple of days/weeks are tough???