Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Time

Finally, I mean finally, there is hope that spring has actually arrived. And while it is a true toss up between Summer and Autumn being my favourite time of year, this year, spring is giving those two seasons a real run for their money. For me, it seems like the never ending winter. It was cold, icy and ugly. There were not a ton of days where we could play outside and create adventures in a white winter wonderland. And for me, that meant many days being couped up in my house with 6 kids climbing the walls. With that came the dawning realization that running a daycare has provided the perfect form of birth control for me. There are days where I feel like a failure, becoming easily frustrated and resentful of feeling like a prisoner of never ending days. I mean, if I can't handle 10 hours a day, five days a week with more than 2 children, how on earth could I handle 24/7?

HOWEVER, the snow has almost melted away completely, leaving forth brown grass with vibrant green patches starting to sprout. It means that I can spend my days outside creating hours of adventures for said above kids discovering everything from bugs to hidden pirate treasures to dinosaur bones. It means long walks, bike rides, road hockey rumbles and swinging from monkey bars. It means hours of running, laughing, more running and screams of excitement. It means discovering the mysteries of running in a sprinkler in our newly landscaped backyard (80% completed in November of last year), to digging to new worlds yet undiscovered in the huge sandbox in said backyard.

This also means that there is a beckoning light called sunshine on a daily basis infusing me with energy and health, which in turn will mean tired little monkeys at the end of each day because finally, they will be the ones hard pressed to keep up with me. Sigh .... yes .... spring is almost here and it is heavenly.


Jenn said...

Enjoy it, as I look out the window here in Calgary, it's (god damn) snowing (again).


Sheryl said...

I Love spring. It's snowing here today. Boo.

Amber said...

Fact: I can handle winter as long as there is snow to play in. The cold, snowless icy crap I cannot handle. I mean, what is the point?

I hope spring stays for you! We just had a dump of snow here in Colorado!

Goofball said...

running a daycare being the perfect form of birth control....sorry that made me laugh