Monday, March 09, 2009

Remote Control

Get ready to sit down, grab that blanket, a cup of coffee, water or heck, even a beer and most importantly: the remote. Relax a little knowing that housework will go by the way side and the children may get a little neglected. Of course, you could always hire a babysitter if needed, or, if you get lucky like me, your children may buy into the program just as much as you have.

Aside from the Stanley Cup playoffs and our dream of the Vancouver Canucks actually winning the coveted title of 2009 Champions, the next best thing is happening in the sporting world: The Tim Horton's Brier. A full week of curling is taking place in my former stomping grounds of Calgary, Alberta, and with three draws a day being telecast on TSN, it is like a dream come true for this household.

Don't know much about curling, or you think that it is boring or not a lot of fun? I guarantee you that you will change your mind if you head over here. And just as it so happens, one of the writers is a fabulous friend of mine who is probably one of the most fun and down to earth people that I know. She will change your mind on the game of curling with her knowledgeable experience in the game as well as her quirky sense of humour.

So my friends, I encourage you to take a load off of your feet and kick back for at least one game. Give it a try and I swear that you will like it. As for me? Well the kids are both sick and they both happen to enjoy watching the game because they have watched Mommy and Daddy do the same, just not on the level that the pros are doing it at. And that my friends, makes me a lucky Mommy this week.


Breanne said...

I couldn't agree more!!!! Here's to the Brier!!

Ellen said...

lol.. too cute.. hope you have fun watching :)

Goofball said...

ooooh what a pity that I cannot watch it (that's irony!).

no I love doing it, but watching it on tv? no thanks