Monday, May 19, 2008

Walking Zombie

I have survived a most fabulous long weekend and am ready to hit the sack. The weekend was filled with non stop laughter, quite a few glasses of wine and a ton of pictures (thanks to Christie) but the stories will have to wait until at least tomorrow as I am hauling my sorry tired butt to bed.

But, not before I leave you all with a few teasers of interesting or exciting new things to come:

1. A make over is soon to come
2. Did you hear a squeak?
3. My foot squeamish must come to an end and soon
4. Who has the bigger mouth?
5. Do onions make you smell?

Curious to figure out just what the heck I am rambling about? Well, you will just have to ensure that you stop by here over the next few days while I fill you in. This girl needs her beauty rests tonight as I start my temporary job tomorrow at the golf course in the restaurant and my sorry ass needs a fresher look (or should I say a miracle) for a few extra bucks tomorrow.


Goofball said...

do onions make you smell? Did you have a farting contest going????? :p

A make-over...oh you make me curious! I hope you are all well rested tomorrow to tell me all about it.

Anonymous said...

I definately know the answer to #5!! Acutally I think I know the answer to all of them.....but #5...oh dear!

thanks for the laughs and tonnes of fun this weekend - lord knows I needed it!!
I miss you guys already....

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I'm intrigued!

Lesley said...

Can't wait for the un-veiling!