Friday, May 09, 2008

History Was Made

Yesterday will be forever remembered in this little family. Not so much for the surprising attack on my life from a dirty feathered friend but that of accomplishments by each child of mine.

It is official! Little Miss Masyn has decided her divaness will walk now. No longer does her divaness expect to be taxied via Mommy, nor does she feel that it is worth her time to attempt to break the baby crawl world record speed. Instead, she has decided that she looks much better walking around, and she does! As with all toddlers figuring out this exceptional skill, she is a little wobbly but precious in her efforts.

And, a big event happened for Kaelen last night! Kaelen made his soccer debut yesterday on Team Yellow and HE LOVES IT!! Despite being very sports minded, we weren't sure how Kaelen would fair when actually playing with other kids and the natural awkwardness that comes along with that. He tripped, he fell, he laughed it off and then got right back up again into the middle of the scrum. Heck - he even scored his first goal and started dancing with delight. And, we are not competitive parents when it comes to Kaelen playing sports (yet), but, being the youngest kid on his team, I do have to proudly say that he must get his athletic tendencies from his Daddy, because he was easily one of the only kids out on the field that truly got the concept of soccer and how to go about playing it. He shared, he gently scolded the other kids out there that they couldn't use their hands and that Team Yellow had to kick the ball in one direction, while Team Orange needed to kick it the other direction. It was 45 minutes filled with adorable laughter at all of the kids out there and all of us can hardly wait until next Thursday to play against Team Green.


Goofball said...

ooooooh the first wobbly steps! I love those. You can't get children much cuter than with their first wobbly steps!

And soccer huh. You are well preparing him for a European visit :p

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Way to go Masyn! She's getting so big!

You must be so proud of your little Beckham!