Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smoke and Tears

In case you haven't heard about this, yes, this devastating crash happened near our house. Despite not knowing any of the deceased, it has still shaken us all up. It truly could have been so much worse but thankfully it wasn't.

I thanked God yesterday that my kids were ill because the crash happened almost in the back yard of the day home. I thanked God yesterday that the other child in the day home was inside with the day home Mom and that they were not a witness to this devastation. I thanked God yesterday because we were watching the helicopter from our living room window at home prior to the crash and got scared because it was listing back and forth as if there was too much wind and it barely cleared the tree across the street from us. We jumped back, thinking that it was going to hit the tree and then laughed to ourselves for being silly. Little did we know that five minutes later, it would crash. I thanked God yesterday for making a hero in the pilot because the crash could have been so much worse. There is an elementary school half a block away, a playground on the corner and the busy residential area which luckily many people were inside of their homes. But somehow, the pilot managed to come down in the middle of a crowded road.

On our way to daycare this morning, we said a prayer for the families who lost their loved ones. And Kaelen said an extra one to the pilot and back seat passenger of the helicopter "who looked nice" because they were so close to our house (to the point I could tell you what they were wearing) in our scare that Kaelen later was convinced the back seat passenger waived to him. Tonight, we will go and lay flowers by the site in memory of these good people. It seems stupid to do, but we feel the need to do something.


Anonymous said...

Wow! that's enough to leave anyone speechless! Thank God that things weren't worse! It's funny how things that happen seem so much more personal when you know someone it has affected (you and your family). what a good man that pilot was! that's sweet that your son thinks that one of the passengers waived to him :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh how heartbreaking. I am so glad you are ok!


Jenn said...

I did hear about it an thought of you. Glad to hear you are okay. It is sad about the accident, but in light of that I agree the pilot was a hero.


Goofball said...

It always leaves you quiet when an accident or disaster happens nearby.

Glad you are ok!

Maureen & Tony said...

Wow Allie, you are so incredible the way you write and I feel for you and the kids for having witnessed the chopper in it's time of distress. We are in Winnipeg and heard it on the news early so sat by the TV for quite some time waiting to hear some names. And as selfish as this sounds, we thanked God none of our friends were on that helicopter. We will continue to feel for those that lost their loved ones and continue to be grateful that our loved ones are doing well. I am so glad you shared your thoughts on this with us!

Miss you all,