Thursday, February 08, 2007

Road Rage Thursday

Okay, I will admit of late that it has been road rage everyday. Thankfully though I am a relatively calm road rage person and mostly just dream up revenge on how I would get even with all of those idiots out there. You know, like manufacture a Nerf car so when someone cuts me off or is ignorant, you can ram them good to scare the life out of them yet know that the only harm that would come to them is a frightened awareness. Some call it nasty; I call it a necessity. There would have to be very stringent guidelines to get one of these Nerf cars as just not anyone could have one. I also know, that eventually, the bottom line of revenue would decrease at car dealerships, auto repair shops, insurance companies and psychological therapist as the message of safe driving would be delivered - but hey, that is the price of business. I have already planned to share some of the profits to the overworked and underpaid service workers such as police, firemen and EMS personnel as they are the ones that always have to deal with the aftermath.

What brings this resentment on? Well ... to start .... this past week, I have averaged 3.75 hours of sitting in traffic trying to get to and from work; on a reasonable day, it would normally take me a maximum of an hour. I have witnessed idiotic driving to it's finest. Put a skiff of snow on the roads and you are set for a lifetime of TV reruns of the Worlds Worst Driver. Here are just a few of what gets me in the craw:

  1. When road conditions are less than ideal, one must continue to go at least 20 KM/HR in excess of the speed limit.
  2. There is also the reverse, if the road conditions even appear to be questionable, then one must drive at least 50 KM/HR below the suggested speed.
  3. When merging into traffic, why must individuals think that it is a race and they can continue to drive along the shoulder of the road once the merge lane has ended and at times a ditch, thinking that they can get just those few extra cars ahead?
  4. The lack of courtesy if an individual anticipates cars merging and leaves adequate space for the car to pull in there. A simple wave of the hand to acknowledge this gesture is required. Like come on ... did you really think it was your superior driving skills that got you there in the first place?
  5. Suddenly cutting off traffic by swerving in and out of lanes as one thinks that they are in a Formula One race. Will it really get you there faster by not only pissing everyone off, but endangering everyone as well?
  6. News Flash: not everyone is skilled at telepathy, therefore if you need to turn ... use your signal! It is located to the left on your steering wheel.
  7. The last time I checked, a red light meant stop. It didn't mean that you could gun the gas pedal in hopes that the oncoming traffic would slow down for you.
  8. Last but not least (for the moment), a turning lane means that you are to turn in the direction that it was made for. It is not meant for you to speed ahead of other cars, then cut back into the lane hence cutting off traffic for you to get to your destination 5 minutes ahead of the others.

Hmmm .... I think that I need a coffee .... or four .......


Breanne said...

Cam has threatened to take away my keys due to my road rage.... haha... I am with you. There are way to many drivers out there that really shouldn't be driving. I'm not saying that I am a perfect driver either, I just feel that I have more common sence than others ;o)

Lesley said...

I live in Mackenzie Towne - home of the only freaking traffic circle in Calgary!!! Bad drivers and winter road conditions don't mix let alone with a traffic circle!
I don't know what the heck the builders were thinking but I heard Mahogany Bay will have one too. I hope they're not going to be a new trend!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

We too, of late, have been in "shock and awe" at drivers. We hail from the Chicago area, the Windy City, home of lake effect snow. We went to school in Minneapolis, MN. We now live in Southern Ohio (almost to Kentucky). We got 3 inches of snow and the whole darn tri-state area shut down! Schools have been closed for DAYS! One woman just let her car idle into the rental community that we live in!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Usually I am a very passive person, but road rage rises in the best of us- I can relate... and I'd need a few shots of espresso, too.

Mike said...

I try to be careful with what I say to drivers who thinks cutting lanes is the "in" thing in freeways.

"Dodo head," I once muttered after a driver cut me off. I didn't think my 3-year old, who was sitting snugly in his booster chair, was listening.

But he was.

One time, I could hear him say: "Look, Daddy. That's a Dodo head driver."


goofball said...

Being on the road a lot myself, I can soooo totally relate to what you are writing!