Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Back ..... Well .... Almost .....

Okay, likely a few more days of recouping and then I will be back in full force haunting all of your blog sites and leaving comments. I am starting to feel better and am getting that itch to get up and moving about. The incision is healing nicely and the infection is starting to clear up. I am on a heavy dose of antibiotics until Sunday and then all should hopefully be tickety boo.

I kind of over did it yesterday. We had a doctor appointment for both Masyn and myself so just leaving the house to drive to the appointment gave me a taste of freedom that I just had to experience again right away. My aunt arrived into town in the afternoon and I suggested to her that we pick Kaelen up from the dayhome so she could have some playtime with him before dinner. So Masyn got packed up and off we went to grab Kaelen. After getting him into the van, I slyly suggested that perhaps we could hit the Superstore quickly so I could buy some more diapers and a laundry hamper for Masyn. I reassured my aunt that I was feeling fabulous and off we went.

The 15 minute jaunt into the Superstore felt more like an hour once I made it from the parking lot into the front entrance. I had a moment of hestitation as to whether I could do this or not, but then that rebellious part of me forced me to go ahead. I was like a jailbird getting her first day pass of freedom. We slowly made our way around the store and back to the van and I can honestly say that I barely made it. It was our of sheer will that made my feet continue to get to the van with a huge smile on my face. Did I overdo it? Yep. Did I pay for it last night and all day today? Yep. Would I do it again? Yep. It just felt so good to get out of the house for a bit after a week in a half being couped up in bed.

Just a few more days is what I need and then I am confident all will be well. I realize that I still have weeks of recovery left to do, but just the basic things like sitting down or walking around is what I am most looking forward to right now.

Oh ... did I happen to mention that my beautiful little girl has surpassed her birth weight already? Yep. Isn't she just so smart?


Jenn said...


Glad to hear you are getting back on your feet.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I know the feeling. In the hospital with Ethan, I felt fantastic! I thought I could do anything! Then when I got home, I realized that I had only been making the 10 step trip to the bathroom and back to the bed in my hospital room. Now I had to walk the whole house and use stairs! Oy!

Allie's Auntie Janny said...

Hey you! You told me you were feeling fine! Good thing you did not collapse at the Super Store, or Paulie would have had my head! Hope you are feeling better now Allie, and taking it slowly!!

Sure enjoyed my visit, and got my baby and toddler fix. It was great fun! Until next time........