Friday, February 09, 2007

Baby Update

Here is the scoop: I have been scheduled for an ECV (External Cephalic Version) on February 14th. Yep - that's right - Valentine's Day. It really is a good thing that I am not a person big on Valentine's Day and think the whole concept of it is hoakie. Although .... I do plan on showering my son with mushy affection and chocolate.

What is an ECV? Well this is what I understand will happen. Should I be wrong, please feel free to correct me:

I have to fast starting midnight on the 13th (or technically the 14th). My appointment is scheduled at the hospital for 10:00am the morning of the 14th. I am somewhat dismayed knowing that I can't eat for at least 10 hours .... gulp .... sniff .... how am I ever going to do that? Anyways, upon check in, I will be hooked up to an IV and likely the non stress test machine to monitor the baby and her movements. Sometime after that, depending on the schedule of the OR, I will be wheeled in and have an ultrasound done to determine the exact positioning of the baby. Once determining where the location of the umbilical cord and such is, the doctor doing the procedure will probe my belly with his/her hands to get a feel of the baby. At that point, he/she will try to "pick the baby out" of my pelvis and try to guide the baby to turn. So basically, one hand will be pushing the butt up, while the other hand will be pushing the shoulders/head downward. This procedure can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. Irregardless if the procedure is successful or not, I will have to remain in the hospital for an hour or two to ensure that I don't go into labor or that the baby becomes stressed.

Now there is a small chance that I could have this baby that day. During the procedure, if the baby were to become stressed (meaning that the heart rate drops), then I will be put under a general anesthetic and have an emergency cesarean. The percentage of that happening I think is like 5%.

If the procedure is successful, then it will be up to the baby and Mother Nature to decide when we get to meet our precious little bundle. My actual due date is March 8th. Should the procedure not be successful, meaning that the doctors couldn't flip the baby, then I will likely be scheduled for a cesarean the week of February 26th.

So as you can all see, there are some exciting times awaiting us over the next few weeks.


Jenn said...

You definitely deserve lots of chocolate and presents this Valentine's Day!


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I will be praying that everything goes just perfectly for you. How exciting! It won't be long and you will be a family of 4!

goofball said...

Big hug!! I'll cross my fingers for you that all goes well!!!!

Are you nervous about it?

kate said...

a friend of mine had this done twice with her 4th child. kept flipping around in there!

beth said...

I really hope it works out. I'll be thinking of you. Hope you have a nice Valentine's despite the...tummy "massage"? Seriously, hope it works.

sari said...

Good luck! I know everything will be fine, and I had a c-section (and I'm a big baby!) and came out all right, so don't worry.

Mike said...

Cherish the moment. Everything will be OK.