Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Big Brother Training

It is like boot camp for toddlers to prepare them for the arrival of a baby. Okay ... let me qualify that .... a fun boot camp .... or should I say dayhome. Kaelen got spoiled yesterday as the focus was placed upon him becoming a big brother. Being the only boy in the dayhome right now, one would think that he would attempt to polish up his studdly skills of flirting and shiester moves for the future. Instead, he played house with the girls.

Only playing house yesterday took on a new meaning. Kaelen learned via Cathy's daughters how to change stinky diapers on a dolly, how to give a dolly a bath, how to hold a dolly and how to hold a dolly when feeding her a bottle.

Dolly yesterday became Kaelen's sister. A trial run sister and Kaelen passed with flying colours. Now lets just hope that enthusiasm and knowledge stay fresh and are present when the real deal arrives.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure the enthusiasm and more obvious will be the curiousity will come with the new little one!