Friday, October 31, 2008

A Halloween Success

The gremlins have come and gone and my little goblins are tucked away in exhausted slumber dreaming I am sure of the bountiful mountain of candy that was accumulated in their little buckets. The night was filled with laughter, goofy screams, lots of thank yous and cheerful greetings amongst neighboring parents that we haven't met before. Play dates were made and social networking was accomplished unknowingly. Next year, our end of the cul de sac is going to plan a block party. We will pool together resources and do a BBQ, candy table and activities such as a jumpy castle and all. It will all be themed of course but in a very fun and lovable kind of way.

Kaelen and Masyn at their first Trick or Treat stop; our next door neighbours.

Tomorrow, we are donating half of our excess candy to the food bank and the other half to the hospital. In our tiny little town, there really isn't many venues that we can donate to and we definitely over budgeted on the amount of candy needed.

Kaelen changed his mind for the fourth time on what his costume was going to be tonight. Last weekend he was Optimus Prime, yesterday he was Spiderman at school, today throughout the day he was Batman so he was very torn tonight as to whether he would be a Fireman (which was eventually ditched for he has been that for the past two years), a pirate (which was ditched because it was too cold out) and finally decided upon the Sheep Dog. Our tickle costume trunk certainly got it's work out this past week .....

Masyn was showing signs of wanting to be a princess as she wore her fairy dress throughout the day, ever since I painted her toe nails pink last night. But when it came down to the crunch, she wanted to be the chicken again, which turned out great because the chill was certainly in the air.

All in all, our Halloween was a great, family filled night of laughter and memories. How was yours?


Jenn said...

Amazing costumes Allie. Kaelen and Masyn look great!


kate said...

hi allie! long time no comment.
i love your little chicken. or is it chicken little?
: )

Amber said...

No. Really. I SQUEALED when I saw those costumes. They look adorable!!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

They are so cute!! Trick or Treating is SO FUN with little ones! We had a great time as well!

Goofball said...

I'll answer that on my blog ;).

So how are you doing in the mean time, I see the posting frequence is a bit low again this week. Not too busy I hope? I hope it's jsut a sign that you are having splendid valuable family time together!!!

Big hug

Maureen & Tony said...

Could they be any cuter!!!! You must have had the most fun that day. Sorry we missed you when in your town but promise to catch up on the next trip (it was nice to see Paul at least). Keep up the awesome writing, I so enjoy it.