Thursday, October 23, 2008


I keep telling myself that I created this countdown calendar in an effort to help encourage my son to learn his numbers and to ease the pressure of trying to remember how to count the numbers quickly in my head when my son asks "How much longer until our trip?".

In reality, this is how desperate I am in reminding myself that my family vacation is in the not so distant future. In fact, it is coming soon ... as in 58 days and counting.

Each day, Kaelen will get to put a sticker on the appropriate calendar date and another on the right where there is a number countdown to how many days are left until departure day.

This is creative as I get folks. I just bet that Martha, Rachel or even Debbie Travis are pea green in envy that I was the one that thought of this design first ......


casual friday everyday said...

Oh yes. I think we parents probably need a count down to vacation poster more than the kids!

Nell :--)

Ellen said...

That's an awesome poster!! I agree with PP, we need that countdown too :) About doing a party, what would you say to January or Feb? Right now every weekend in Nov is booked for me (beginning of Dec is an option to try get Christmas orders in before Christmas, but in January I get a new catalogue and new products). If you are still thinking of possibly signing up, what I'll do is, your party that I do for you can count towards your first party as a Rep (as long as you sign up before the party is submitted). let me know what you think.

Yeah we should totally exchange home info - altho my daycare isn't really that much of a daycare, I just watch the kids like they were my own - I'm not a project everyday/artsy/crafty daycare type. I am more of a refree :) lol.

Goofball said...

isn't your countdown almost over? Hurray hurray you are almost leaving on vacation!