Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Blink. Open, close. Blink again. Now rub the eyes and yes, the calendar reads right. Today is November 12th. 12th you say? As in it has been two weeks since I last posted? Now shake your head in disbelief and wonder just where did that time go.

How does it do that? And how do you make it stop and slow down? I mean time. It really needs to slow down an hour or few because I am just finding it hard to keep up and soak up all of this little thing called life.

We, like everyone else have been busy. But, we are also falling in love with each other again and actually acting like a normal family. We spend weekends together - like all four of us. Our weekends are filled with laughter and adventures. It is so fun to watch the kids entertain hubby and watch him soak up all of their antics into giddy giggles, wet kisses and big bear hugs. It is so wonderful to have that extra set of hands to help put out the fires that Masyn mostly starts with her rambunctious nature and that partnership of taking turns giving baths and cooking meals.

And get this ... are you ready for this? Sshhhh .... I can't say this too loud because I am not quite ready to believe this is actually going to happen .... Hubby and I are going on a date on Friday night! The sitter has been booked as have the dinner reservations. A date? I honestly don't know when the last time was that we went on a date! I am giddy with excitement to spend five hours alone with my husband but am nervous too. I mean, does one forget how to eat/enjoy a warm dinner? What about table etiquette? Is it proper to devour your meal in one swallow for fear that it will turn cold? I am figuring this dating thing is just like riding a bike; you just don't forget it. Right? Any suggestions?

Oh .... and please be ready to slap me upside the head too. Because I know myself soooooooo well. Despite being super excited for this big date with my husband, I also know myself well enough that when Friday officially begins, I will start experiencing separation anxiety from my children. So much so, that I will try to talk myself out of going. I will try to justify that it is money that we could save and that being together as a family is just as an important treat.


Amber said...

What? Actually enjoying yourself? Spending time as a family? Going on dates? Falling in love?

Have I entered The Twilight Zone? If so, can I come?! :-)

Allie said...

Yep ... come on over - the more the merrier is what I say!! But then again, I am a selfish wench too and want to savour this for a little while longer all to myself so can you hold off for at another couple of weeks?