Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adventures of Dolly

She is strong and will be there to comfort you in your moments of weakness, devastation or fright. She is there to celebrate with you in your moments of happiness and victory. She will listen to all of your secrets and those secrets are forever safe with her. Her smile will light up your day and the compassion seen in her face will capture your heart and soon she will be your best friend who you can't live without.

Some say (like my husband) that she is an eye sore, but I think that she is incredibly beautiful. She is huggable, kissable and is the best snuggler ever. She helps keep you warm and cozy at night too watching over you in your blissful slumber.

She is always up for an adventure and travels well; and believe me, she has been on many in her old age. After 36 years, she is still going strong and I am touched that she and my daughter have bonded in such a special way.

Yes, Dolly is a special, special person. She was knitted and given to me by my Grandma as a baby gift, 36 years ago. And, up until recently, she has been with me ever since. Now she has formed a special attachment to my daughter to which I will happily step aside and play second fiddle. For I know better than anyone, how important it is to have that best friend by your side growing up.


Jenn said...

What a sweet story!


Amber said...

You see, I just LOVE the nostalgia of having something like Dolly! What a sweet story that will hopefully become a part of your daughter's children's life!

Andrea said...

That is SO incredibly sweet and special!!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

That dolly is just precious! Aisling is wearing those same footie pajamas with the butterflies on them!

christie said...

Good ol' dolly. She looks like she has been through a war compared to mine!
Guess my dolly didn't get as much love as yours! haha

How many "surgeries" has dolly had to stay in tip top shape?? I can remember a few for sure!

Goofball said...

oh that is so cool. Very special indeed!!