Monday, November 17, 2008

Lonely yet Devine

The date happened. Like really happened. And, just like two young teenagers, we felt like we were on our first date. You know, those awkward moments of wondering what to say and you hope that you don't sound like a goof with what comes out of your mouth? That kind of date.

We decided that we would attempt to refrain talking about money, children, jobs and so on. And we managed, awkwardly at that, to succeed in this little challenge for oh about, 10 minutes. After accepting defeat, we got back to ground level where we are accustomed to existing and spent the hour over dinner discussing the antics of Masyn and the surprises from Kaelen. And, dinner over all despite being delicious was awkward period as we were the only people in this upscale restaurant. Instead of getting lost in the crowd and mooning over the candle at each other, we felt like we had to be reserved and quiet just in case the entire staff could over hear our conversation. They probably did because the service was over the top. Meaning that we were checked on every five minutes so a good scandalous conversation really never had the chance to form.

The food was fabulous and the wine even more so. Our highlight though was that we actually got to consume our dinners while they were warm and presentable. In retrospect though, it was probably warm because we hoovered the entrees back without any grace for fear that we would get interrupted. Old habits die hard.

And being the pathetic beings that we are, the night ended shortly after a quick tour of the facility casino. It ended because we felt pressed to be home with the kids. It felt like the right thing to do. Sadly, bliss quickly set in once we jumped into our comfies and assumed our positions on the couch; across the room from one another. Upon settling in, we looked at each other with big grins on our faces, sighed and promptly argued over who got control of the remote.

Our romantic evening lasted two hours. Is it that obvious that we are about to embark on our 16th year together?


Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

You and I sound so much alike. Especially the part where you both sit in your spots at night, apart from each other. That sounds exactly like us, sitting in our pjs.

There is no place I would rather be.

Amber said...

Practice makes perfect, my dear! We used to have the rule not to talk about the kids when we were out alone but you're right--when they're an integral part of your life it's tough to exclude them. Now, it's so much more natural!

Goofball said...

perfect it's your job to plan such a night more regularly. Go on girl, phone the babysitter and check her availability. You need that time together just now and then.

(and maybe pick a restaurant with more people in it next time. it'd make me feel very awkward).

Ellen said...

LOL, I totally know the feeling - that awkwardness, hoovering down appy's, (especially considering it's actually warm!) and the whole sitting across from each other, in comfort - and we've only been married 3.5 years :) haha..

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Sounds lovely. It is TOO hard to follow the rules of no talking about those things. We've tried and failed many times. For those of us who don't get out of he house very much, there's not much else to talk about!