Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tah Dah .....

Hi. My name is Allie and I used to be no ... make that ... I want to be a regular blogger again.

And we are back ..... albeit slowly but we are back. The computer is almost fixed, we have internet again and well, I am just darn excited to feel in touch with the world. Sad isn't it? You take away the internet from me and I feel like I have fallen down into a deep dark abyss. The TV does nothing for me and is rarely on. I am dependent on music too. Last week when we were experiencing power outages during the day, I almost didn't know what to do with my kids without having some kind of music on in the background. I did manage to figure out though that it was a nice day so I got off my lazy butt and took the kids outside for most of the day. It was nice .... hard but nice. I mean, have you tried entertaining a three year old boy all casted up who so desperately wants to play in a playground but can't? And, it is challenging enough to haul him around and keep that cast dry but add in a high maintenance diva who just wants to motor around ... in mud?

Anyways, here is what has gone on in our lives for the past two weeks:

Masyn turned ONE! Can you believe it? My baby girl is no longer a little baby.
How did that happen? We had a fabulous little party for her ... with 11 of her friends in attendance ... okay make that more of Kaelen's friends. Add in both sets of parents into the fold and well, we had this little 936 square foot house just a rockin with people squished in everywhere. Masyn was spoiled rotten with gifts galore and because her Mommy actually managed to bake a cake! I mean, Martha Stewart watch out because you aren't going to be able to hold your own against this cake. Okay ... I know that it is a little simple but this cake is honestly a major feat for me. I am not a baker what so ever and life it much easier on my mental state of health and everyone else's stomach if I just order one from the store. Anyways, I had to laugh a few times because a few of the parents even went so far as to marvel at the heart shape. Secretly, I tried to convince myself that they were truly impressed when in fact I know that they were just likely trying to make me feel good.

Aside from Masyn's big day, we have been super busy with multiple doctor and specialist appointments. Masyn's DMSA scan came back (the one she had at the end of Jan) and the good news is that her kidneys are functioning correctly however her right kidney has scarring on it which I am pretty sure means that she has some form of kidney reflux. We have a sit down appointment with the specialist on the 3rd of March to discuss these results. There is also concern now for Masyn's weight as she has only gained 1/2 a pound since November. So we had a few days where she underwent blood and urine samples to rule out potential issues such as another kidney or UTI infection as well as anemia. She is a healthy girl, but only weighs 19 lbs which is a concern seeing as there is no growth in weight overall. Other than those concerns, she is great. She is into EVERYTHING and her latest and greatest is wanting to surf head first down the stairs. I swear she is some kind of thrill seeker and she tends to stress both her brother and me out with her rebellious antics.

Kaelen on the other hand is doing fabulous. This past Friday was the big day for his leg and so far he has healed excellently. Unfortunately, due to the severity of the break, he is still in a cast but it is casted just below the knee now as opposed to just below the groin. We are slowly trying to get him to walk on the cast but he isn't too keen on that just yet. The specialist says that these little guys are their own best judge and that he will figure it out in due time. Having the ability to bend Kaelen's leg has made life A LOT easier now and come the 4th, we are hoping that this newest cast will be removed permanently. Sigh ... what a day that will be. I think that the little man and I will have to go and gorge on Dairy Queen or something in celebration of this. Oh, and believe it or not, Kaelen just a couple of days ago had his first haircut with an actual stylist. With hubby living in Cranbrook right now, Kaelen was starting to resemble a shaggy dog. He woke up one day and asked if we could cut his hair. Rather than inflicting the torture on myself to create perfection (which I knew that I would fail at), I made a call down to Beaners and got him in. Now that is a place. Kids of any age can sit in a car, on a motor bike, elephant and play video games or watch a movie while getting their hair cut. And, while waiting for their turn to get their hair cut or once the cut is done, they can go and flop around in a ball pit for a bit. It was a dream come true for both mother and son. Now Kaelen is convinced that he wants to be a soccer player when he grows up because his hair is cut like Beckham's; I will let you be the judge. Personally, I think that Kaelen is much more cuter .....

Today, in about an hour, we are hoping into the van and heading down to Cranbrook to visit Daddy for two days. In addition to some quality family time, I hope to apply for a few jobs and check out a few daycare options for the kids.

Hope everyone is well and I am looking forward to catching up on everyone's lives.


Goofball said...

oooh yesss you are back! And Kaelen looks awesome with his new haircut. Woohoo "stoer" I'd say :). And glad to hear he'll be out of his cast soon. You've both survived it ;).

And once more happy birthday to Masyn! Fabulous cake!

Good luck in Cranbrook! I miss you.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

He is SUPER cute! We have hair cut places like that too, they are THE BEST!

Jenn said...

The cake looks great!

Glad to see you back again and that the kids are doing well.

Enjoy Cranbrook.