Saturday, February 16, 2008


Okay - so it is a day late. She turned 1 yesterday - can you believe it?!?!?

Allie has been having some computer issues - so she wanted me to post this - and to let you know that hopefully all will be fixed soon and she will be back to catch up!!
Masyn's birthday party was earlier today - so I am sure there will be photos coming!

I just can't believe she is already 1!! Where does the time go? I seems like just a few months ago Masyn was born and now she is well on her way to being a little girl!! I am sad that I could not be there - but I have been assured that it was well documented just for me!!

Hope this finds you all well:-)


Andrea said...

Wow! Really? She's 1 already? Happy Birthday Masyn!! Time does fly. :)

Goofball said...

Happy birthday to Masyn! Hurraaaaay

hope to see pictures of the proud party animal soon :)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Happy Birthday Masyn!!

I share the disbelief that this precious little one can be having her first birthday already!!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Masyn!!

Good for you Allie for making it through the first year =)


Lesley said...

Where does the time go? It seems like just a few months ago you were announcing Masyn's arrival.

Happy Birthday Masyn!

sari said...

WHAT? How is this possible?

Happy Birthday, Masyn!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Hope you're back online soon!


Goofball said...

Hey Allie...where are you? Everything ok?