Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Sunday

Because today we have multiple showings on the house, a potential conditional sale that could become valid if the purchasers sign their documents prior to 2:00 pm this afternoon and of course because Tom Brady is playing this afternoon, blogging will be a challenge.

Okay who am I to kid, blogging of late is a challenge no matter what the daily situation is. Nevertheless, I need to get in some serious day dreaming in this afternoon while I watch "The Jerk" aka. Tom Brady (I only call him that for leaving his pregnant girlfriend for another woman - but then again, I don't know the true story of what went on). After all, a lonely single like mom needs to get her kicks in some way no? (Sorry honey)

Sigh .... too bad that I am such a Miami Dolphins fan for today could have been a dream if I were a Pats lover.


Goofball said...

eum...I don't understand what you are writing about, although I suspect it's related to that North American frenzy phenomenon aka "the super bowl" where men with oversized epaulettes and thight pants are ligning up endlessly ;). I guess that is almost a holiday. Well I hope you enjoyed it.

And I hope the house showings was succesful. That part I understood. I am crossing my fingers for some good news on that front :).

I love you my friend!!

sari said...

I do NOT keep up on celebrity stuff much, but I do think his ex found out she was pregnant after they broke up. Not to be on Brady's side in any way at all, but...

Hope your house is sold!!