Friday, September 21, 2007

Watch Out Target .... Here We Come!!

It is official! The United States will never be the same again ... or should I say the states of District of Columbia and Virginia. That's right folks, our little family has purchased our flight tickets. I am in the process of getting together our passport information to get those expedited now that I know my exact travel dates (if you can show proof of airline ticket purchase, for an extra $10 per passport, you can have them expedited within five weeks instead of the projected 10 week wait).

And have you seen the exchange rate on our dollar? How exciting is that? I can remember the days that we would go shopping in Spokane and our dollar was worth .95 cents .... ahem ... perhaps I am dating myself here. Yes folks, those times were the late 70's and early 80's. I am off to the bank today to exchange some moola seeing as it is par for if I waited until closer to our travel date, then you know that we will fall back down to the .64 cent range. I haven't had the chance for about five years to do some shopping in the United States so I am super excited. And my first stop will be Target. Yes, many people may be groaning out loud at that but it is truly one of my favourite places to shop on earth. Hubby has already been forewarned and it was definitely a negotiated point on the trip itinerary; he goes to a NBA game and I get to shop at Target. It is a deal made from heaven really.

I am also looking for some suggestions for places that we must go and see. So far, we have the sporting outlets covered: NFL, NHL and NBA. Those are all a done deal. I want to do some sight seeing so the Smithsonian and Monument are on the top of my list. Where should I go??? And, I am thinking because we are heading down there for the beginning of December, everywhere will likely be decorated beautifully for Christmas; my favourite time of year.

Lastly, how far are some of you from DC? I have a girlfriend driving up from NC for a day and my hubby is really encouraging me to take an overnight trip somewhere to have some girly time for myself. How far is NYC? Any suggestions??


Adventures In Babywearing said...

How exciting for you!! Oh, and I meant to ask you- were you ever contacted from Rockin' Baby- are they sending your sling? Let me know!


Ashley's Mom said...

This sounds like a great trip! I live in Richmond, Va, about 2 hours from D.C. I would suggest the Air and Space Museum - kids usually love that one. And in Baltimore, less than an hour's drive from D.C., is a GREAT aquarium. I'm betting the kiddos would really enjoy that.

I'm thinking NYC is about 6 hours from D.C., but not really sure.

Jenn said...

Yeah for the Canadian Dollar. Darryl and I are also going to the States very soon and are so happy the dollar is doing so well. Yipee!!!!


Goofball said...

ooooh so exciting that you can plan a trip away with your family as well. Yeah for the cheap dollar, that's how we ended up in the USA as well!

I can't help you on things to visit though. We ordered some tourist guides and official tourism sites from the region...they often have 'drives' or 'attractions' and then you can start to google and . But it seems that you've already sorted out the priorities so you have a great headstart.

Enjoy planning! Looking forward to a vacation is half the fun already.

Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

NYC is doable by train, as I understand it. Oh my gosh I love DC! It's so beautiful and historic!! You are going to have so much fun! I'm still not ruling out one last fling to DC before this baby comes!!

Lesley said...

Gah - so jealous!
If it weren't for our basement development we'd have the money for an out of country holiday too.
Hope you and Jenn both have fun on your holidays...maybe I can convince Aaron that we shouldn't miss this golden opportunity of money at par!
Enjoy your holiday planning!

Andrea said...

I know! I am so excited about the Canadian dollar...I bought something US and it was the SAME price!! I hope you have an AWESOME trip too...wish i could come along! hehe :)

sari said...

I'm a big Target fan myself.

Have a great trip!