Monday, September 18, 2006

A Day of Interest

Today, in about 2 hours, Kaelen and I head off to a doctor appointment. This is a follow up appointment with the pediatrician who back in April was convinced that Kaelen has speech and possible developmental delay issues. Despite this doctor being a nice lady, I specifically remember thinking that she was a bit of a quack when leaving her office the first time as she would over enunciate things to Kaelen and speak to him as if he were hearing impaired; super slow and super loud. This was the appointment that I was also informed that Mom and Dad were not actual words, therefore did not count against what limited vocabulary Kaelen had (which only made 2 words after that). Plus, I never did enroll Kaelen into Speech Therapy; a service that this doctor highly suggested that I do immediately.

I don't know why I am going back really. I could have been referred to the pediatrician closer to my house whom I really quite like. She seems a little more level headed in the sense that she is not overly concerned that Kaelen was a premature baby and is not looking for the wrongs in him. Now that I think more of it, I should have just said "yes"; the drive is too far to come back up to this cracker of a doctor and gotten the referral. I guess that I had a moment of weakness and did not practice my usual direct self in taking charge.

So, Kaelen and I will make our drive across town and attend this appointment. I think what I am looking forward to is seeing how much Kaelen has grown since April; to see how much he weighs and how tall he is. I swear that this boy has gained at least 5 lbs since his last appointment as of late, he is just too heavy to carry for any period of time.

I am also keeping my fingers crossed that Kaelen will not drop the F* bomb on the doctor as that certainly has been a word that he has been practising since learning it from Mommy last week. He doesn't know that it is a bad word and he is not looking for a reaction from it. It is just a new sound to him that he seems to like to try out. Luckily, the words Puck and Truck can be passed off to him and we pretend that all is good.

I will update later as to how our appointment goes.

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