Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mini Van Momma

It is official: I am now a mini van Momma!

I am pretty excited about this, although Paul is slightly concerned that this ages us, but now we can travel in comfort. Kaelen has more room to flail around, and doesn't have to look like ET did when hiding in the closet full of stuffed animals. Usually when on the road, the trunk is full and Kaelen has blankets and bags piled up on either side of him.

Kaelen loves the van and is always pointing to it to go and play in it. Now, I just have to pimp it out a little and then I will really be traveling in style!

Don't worry Paul, no one will suspect that you are getting up there in age and owning a mini van won't cramp your style. And; as you put it to Klatty just a couple of weeks ago, how much more "cool" can you get when you invite your friend to spend the day with you and your son? I will quote per batem: "Klatty, I can swing by and pick you up in my mini van and then we can head down to the mall to meet Barney".

You can't much cooler than that Paulie......

Besides, I am the one driving it and I happen to love it.....even if I ... er .... do have a few issues learning how to put the van in park and pulling the key out of the ignition. Did you know that the key won't come out unless the vehicle is in park? It took me .... ahem .... about 5 minutes to figure that one out yesterday.

Watch out Calgary, this is a rookie automatic transmission driver, cruising the streets; sometimes rockin to Eminem and sometimes to Barney.


Megan E. Pratt said...

What kind of mini van?

Allie said...

2003 "Tropical Green" Ford Windstar LX

Megan E. Pratt said...

A Ford?!?!