Thursday, June 01, 2006

Meeoowww ........


Giggle, giggle; as two sets of little feet scamper down the hallway and into a tiny hiding spot (the top of a bunk bed). The two little mice, try in vain to be quiet as can be; Big Ole Uncle Pussy Cat is lurking somewhere below and just waiting for a tasty morsel of a toe to show itself.

A giggle escapes, a set of Mickey Mouse ears are askew on a full head of curls and then, Pounce! Big Ole Uncle Pussy Cat performs his sneak attack on the two giggling mice and tickles them to death with those big claws and scratchy whiskers.

Now, three decades later, Big Ole Uncle Pussy Cat may seem like the lazy, laidback, content cat but if you ask me, it is his eyes that give him away. Just look at him trying to be so nonchalant sitting there; meanwhile he is secretly eyeing up the next generation of a tasty little mouse.

Now only if I could find Kaelen my Mickey ears. Perhaps Auntie Christie still has hers ......

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