Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Baby Ducks and Boo Boos

One could not argue the fact that Kaelen is certainly a little boy. He demonstrates his abilities of continually ensuring that his little knees are tattooed with scrapes or an eye is discolored. His latest escapade left Mom and Dad slightly squeamish for a while after.

I knew that this fateful family trip was doomed from the start when it took some convincing for Daddy to join Mommy and Kaelen for a Trike ride/walk. Just as Kaelen hops on his little tricycle, a large ominous cloud makes it's presence known with a distant clap of thunder. Daddy then appears on the scene and suggests that we walk down the road to see the baby ducks.

The walk was going tickey boo until Kaelen pointed out to us that his tricycle was broken. The pedals could not turn the wheel. This put me into instantaneous pissed off mode as I had waited 1 1/2 months for this bike where I could push Kaelen in it until he learned out to ride it on his own. AND ... It wasn't a pink Barbie design like everything else it these days. Daddy tried to fix it but realized that it was pointless - the bike is broken. Kaelen though, was still a happy little clam and contented with running around as we continue our now arduous journey to the duck pond. A corner away from the pond and Kaelen bends down to pick up something off of the grass and SPLAT! There he goes, face forward into the cement without hands out front to break the fall. His head hitting the cement sounded like a flat basketball making impact onto the ground.

Sick to our stomachs, Daddy runs to Kaelen (who is now trying to cry but can't stop sucking the air into his lungs) and embraces Kaelen into his big comforting arms. Blood is starting to trickle but we are much more concerned with his head - is it broken? Or does he have his Daddy's tough noggin? After a minute or two of crying, Kaelen quickly gets distracted by a bird. We knew instantly that he was feeling okay for the moment but are still a little concerned about this latest knock. Kaelen too, looks like he fought a battle with a beast in the bush as the knuckles on his hands were all scraped up, his nose bleeding due to cuts on and beneath the nose and slight road rash on the forehead accompanied with immediate swelling.

We finally get to the baby ducks and while Paul and I are excitedly trying to point out the cute little fuzzy things, Kaelen could care a less. He was more interested in trying to pick up dirt and throw it into the pond.

Go figure. We should have just saved ourselves from the headache and Kaelen from the scrapes by playing in the back alley.

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