Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You Know Your Kid Enjoys Daycare When.....

As silly as people like to discredit your feelings as being ridiculous or silly, I am sure that I am not the only parent who has feelings of guilt some days that their child spends their day in daycare. And, despite you knowing that your child is doing well (in fact spectacular) in daycare, the feelings still pop up every now and then.

What,you might ask, does a parent need to put their mind at ease? Well, here is one suggestion made by my ever so smart little boy:


  • Mommy arrives at daycare to drop Kaelen off.

  • As par with routine, we knock on the door and let ourselves in

  • Mommy places Kaelen's bag on coat rack and then sits on the entry stairs.

  • Kaelen assumes position on Mommy's lap to assist with the removal of shoes, coat and hat.

  • Kaelen places hat on small coat rack, while Mommy takes care of the rest

  • Mommy starts chatting it up with Cathy (our daycare Angel)

  • Meanwhile, Kaelen goes and opens the front door, comes back and grabs Mommy's hand

  • Kaelen ushers Mommy to the front door, pushes her in the ass out the door, yells "Bye bye Mommy" and slams door in my face

Suffice to say, Kaelen enjoys his days at daycare.


goofball said...

Well there you go, talk about being subtle :p.

Megan E. Pratt said...

Haha. Does Paul do that to you? Where would he have learned that from?