Monday, May 01, 2006

Daily Routine Fun

Children love routine; especially Kaelen. For the past two weeks, Kaelen and I have created a new routine together. Just a Mommy and Kaelen moment and I hope that this one doesn't end any time soon. It makes me excited to wake up each morning to play our little game. Here is how it goes:

6:15 am - Mommy awakes and jumps into the shower.
6:50 am - Mommy is ready for work, opens the blinds to the house and starts calling Kaelen's name out loud.
6:55 am - Kaelen starts stirring but burrows himself into his nice cozy bed and pretends to sleep.
7:00 am - Mommy digs into the spare change jar and places 5 -6 coins on her night table.
7:02 am - Mommy crawls on hands and knees into Kaelen's room so she is eye level to a half sleeping toddler.
7:03 am - Mommy starts growling like a puppy, meowing like a cat or is quietly saying "Peek-a-Boo".
7:04 am - Kaelen pretends that he is sleeping but this gorgeous bright smile is on his face.
7:05 am - Kaelen places either his hands over his face or his blanket over his head to disappear from mommy.
7:06 am - Mommy starts looking everywhere in Kaelen's crib to find her baby. Every now and then she hears a giggle and finds a little toe to nibble on or tummy to tickle.
7:08 am - Kaelen scares Mommy by just appearing in his bed. Mommy yells out in fright and stumbles backwards.
7:09 am - Kaelen laughing, picks up his best friend Hippo and launches him into the air in hopes that Hippo will attack Mommy.
7:09 am- Hippo attacks Mommy with encouragement being shouted by a blood thirsty Kaelen.
7:10 am - Kaelen is ready to leave his crib and gives Mommy a super big hug and kiss.
7:11 am - Kaelen gets a clean diaper.
7:12am - Kaelen casually takes the dirty diaper into the bathroom via detour Mommy's room, sees what he is looking for and fires the diaper into the garbage and runs back to show Mommy.
7:13 am - All excited, with a big " O " formed on his lips and feet stomping in excitement, Kaelen grabs his piggy bank and runs into Mommy's room.
7:14 am - Kaelen methodically puts his findings into his piggy bank. Once he is done, he returns the piggy bank to the dresser in his room.
7:18 am - Kaelen is now ready to get dressed starting with socks first.
7:22 am - A quick face wash and teeth brushing and cat chase.
7:30 am - Still chasing the cat, but always into the kitchen because the cat thinks that she can escape outside.
7:35 am - Shoes, jackets and hats are on and we are out the door. Kaelen is off to his daily adventures at daycare while Mommy is off to work.

So, my question is: Can your mornings beat mine?

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Megan E. Pratt said...

Your morning definitely beats mine. What a great way to wake up!