Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Security in Knowledge

There is just something to be said when you can find the humour in the irritating, short tempered moments. You know, the ones that you can see your spouse's tension sky rocket yet for some reason you have the urge to take a suicidal moment and burst out laughing?

Case in hand:

After being holed up in the truck for 4 hours on our way home from Disneyland, we struck the jackpot in finding a McDonalds equipped with a Playland. Why is it so hard to find one when you actually need one? Upon ordering our lunch, we let the kids loose in what we hoped would provide a much needed energy release for the two of them. All went great until they decided to become fearful right in the middle of the mesh tunnel high above us. Overcome with fear, both kids froze and began crying, no make that screaming, in fear and would not move if their life depended on it. Instantly irritated, hubby decided that he would rescue the kids.

My question to you: Have you ever seen a 6' 2", 240 lbs man try to contort himself through a plastic tube obstacle maze? Add in the fact that he is not exactly flexible? Yep, it was a sight to be seen hence the fit of giggles that overcame me when watching Super Dad attempt to rescue his still screaming kids. This is what his reaction was upon my sweet request for him to smile:

I don't think that he was finding much humour in the moment do you?


Ellen said...

Oh Allie, thanks for my laugh of the day :) LOL.. Those are great moments!! I'm so glad you captured the essance of the mood so well :)

Kate said...

Thats a great story!! I have to say I may well have had a similar reaction as your husband...:-)

Goofball said...

I would have cracked up in laughing as well