Monday, February 16, 2009

A Fairy Tale Weekend

Yes, the party was a resounding success! It was easy, quick and just perfect - no more than 1 1/2 hours long, which at the time kind of felt like eternity at times. Biting off more than I can chew is a trait that I have perfected and I almost lived up to that trait come the end of the day. Note to self: running a daycare and hosting a birthday party simultaneously is not the best of ideas especially if said party is planned in the morning. I mean, it was good, nothing went wrong, it just made for an extremely long day for me especially given the fact that hubby and I were taking off for the weekend to curl in a bonspiel with my mom. And let me tell you, it must have been apparent by the time we hit my mom's house 3 hours away at 8:30 pm that night as 2 beer were consumed before we even hit the curling ice for our game at 9:00 pm. Trust me when I say that I am not a big drinker, yet there is just something about the game of curling and going into bonspiels that brings out my nasty, alter ego that likes to shine in the lime light and entertain all that will watch and/or listen. Mix in a few beers into the fold and well .... who needs the Oscars anyways? Especially when said weekend involved dressing up in costumes and living in one's imagination ....

So, hubby and I throughout the weekend consumed way too many beer, laughed until we cried, did a few stupid human tricks, thought a few times "Oh why did I drink those beer" to thought, "Well, one more can't hurt us anymore right?". It was a weekend that the two of us needed to blow off some tension that has built between the two of us with the aftermath of moving, the stress of doing jobs we don't particularly enjoy, the disappointment of a goal/dream not turning out the way we had envisioned to having some time away from our children so they see what life is like away from us and we them.

So here I sit on Monday night on my couch completely exhausted, nursing a wounded ankle (due to a brilliant attempt to make a disco ball spin on Friday night) yet finding myself giggling with my husband as a glimpse of a goofy moment from the bonspiel gets relived in a memory. My children had a fabulous time, getting spoiled rotten with my aunt to the point that my son didn't want to come home with us. If that doesn't tell us that they too needed a break I don't know what does.

Tomorrow, you will get to read all about my precious princess turning two, but until then, I will leave you with a few party pictures from both the princess's ball and the gong show called a curling bonspiel:

Princess Masyn holding court presiding over her minions during her royal feast.

Pirate Kaelen searching for lost gems and coins buried deep beneath rice. The great thing about kids his age is that they will actually close their eyes and keep them closed instead of trying to peek, all of the kids did - it was amazing.

Princess Masyn with her cheesy "Cheese" face enjoying the banquet feast in her honor.

My mom and myself after 47 bottles of beer and a few shooters. If you look closely, you can verify this statement by the glassy look of our eyes. This was prior to my Friday night alter ego of Johnny Disco emerging.

My Saturday Night alter ego front and center: Goldilocks. And while the apron is tacky, I can ensure you that I had the ruffled white ankle socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

Baby Bear, Momma Bear (my mom) and Papa Bear (hubby). And yes, Baby Bear and Papa Bear got a little fiesty within their costumes and put on a show. After all, they claimed it was the costume eyes that caused the fuzzy vision - not the never empty bottles of beer glued to their hands.

Papa Bear. Had to put this one in just to show you the eyes and their claim as to why their vision was "fuzzy".


Goofball said...

whaaa you in the goldilocks outfit ....snort :p

Jenn said...

Looks like such a fun time. I'm sure Masyn loved her party.

Speaking of curling, one of my new favorite songs is a curling one. It's called Tournament of Hearts by the Weakerthans. If you haven't heard it, I really recommend it.


Sheryl said...

Both parties seem like tons of fun!