Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ahoy Mateys with the Glass Slipper

Although the actual, big day is still 3 days away, tomorrow we are having a Princess & Pirates party to celebrate Masyn's 2nd birthday. She amazes me in the fact that she knows what is going on and was completely wired tonight as I decorated the house for the celebration. And being the smarty pants that she is, hubby tonight only had to tell her once that she was turning 2 and she was off to the races chanting "me two!" and holding each pointer finger up while doing a dance.

Here is the pre-party shots. Tomorrow's will be much better as all attendees of the celebration will be either a pirate or a beautiful princess. Sigh .... this is one of the best parts of being a Mom ... hosting themed parties. I love it!!

The "Lost Treasure" trunk. The party bags will be given out to all of the fair ladies and scurvy lads once they complete the treasure adventure filled with both pirate and princess riddles.

The kids practicing their "aarrrr"'s and practicing digging for treasure in a chest filled with rice and buried gems and coins.

One of the two treasure maps that Kaelen and I made. We got the idea from Mr. Maker (which is a fabulous show!!) and amazingly it was very easy to do - even for an artistically challenged individual such as myself.

Pirate Corner where treasure maps, buried treasure and adventure riddles can be found.

The Royal Feast area. Princess Masyn will preside on her throne while starring down at her loyal minions.

Now I am off to brush up on my pirate slang and royalty etiquette. And, if I get enough beauty sleep tonight, I just make break out the wedding gown and preside over this entire affair as the queen. Wait ... perhaps I should have thought about that before inhaling that second helping of dinner tonight .... Servant. I just may have to do servant.


Jenn said...

Masyn looks so grown up, wow I can't believe she is almost two...


Goofball said...

wow I never got such cool parties when I was a kid! Can I come! You are so great and creative to organise this.

Sheyl said...

If you can still fit into your wedding dress after having 2 kids I will bow to you because you will be the QUEEN!

The party looks like so much fun! How oh HOW can she be 2?!?!?

Amber said...

If those are pre-party, I can't wait for all the sordid details. LOVE the theme!!!

Goofball said...

so how did it go?