Sunday, July 13, 2008

Moving a Little Slowly

Well, I am back and moving a little slowly as a result of over indulgence over the past week. Like a scene from a relative PG version of Moms Gone Wild movie, I socialized, I danced, I curled, even golfed, drank waaayyyyyyy too many Kokanee beers and probably didn't get to bed any earlier than 3:00 am for 6 days straight. I made new friends, said good bye to old friends that I will likely never see again in my life due to their age, where they live or where life takes them over the next 40+ years.

This week marked the end of a curling bonspiel - 64 straight years of fantastic fellowship, good curling, bad curling, massive consumption of Kokanee beer, the foundations for some marriages, I am sure, a reason for some divorces. This event has been a foundation for family reunions, and mending rifts from the past. It was an event that was truly unique and special, and it is sad to see it come to an end.

I had a great time this week and feel that I really needed the break. It was my first break away from the kids since becoming a Mom. It was so refreshing to have stimulating adult conversations with people of all generations and to have the privilege of actually eating a meal hot and uninterrupted. Do I dare rub in managing to squeeze in six solid hours of sleep WITHOUT interruption? Sigh .....

BUT ..... I am happy to be home. I missed my babies so much and there were definitely many difficult moments in a day. Moments that left me unfulfilled and yearning to wrap my children in my arms. A phone call home managed to help some of that need, but more often than not, it only amplified that feeling.

Now I am off for bed to get some much needed healing sleep. Much to blog about over the next week including the SEVEN interviews that I have with families interested in my newest adventure: a dayhome. Lets just hope that no one sent a PI to observe me in my finest form on Thursday night after curling as I am pretty sure that the Invisibility Cloak may not have hid my good natured antics that so impressed other curlers ........

(I am kidding you know)

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Goofball said...

aah that was you in that youtube curling party movie going around on the internet ;)

just kidding. Glad to hear you had such a good time. Good to have you back online though!