Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gifts, Laughs and Ciao Baby

Guess what? I have been one spoiled Mommy of late!! In addition to Jenn's fabulous gift, this old lady celebrated her birthday. So while all of you Americans were celebrating your fabulous country's Independence Day, this Canadian was celebrating her ... erm ... 25th Birthday at the same time!! And yes, next year I will head down to one of my favourite places on earth; Coeur D'Alene, Idaho to celebrate OUR birthdays ... how fun will that be? Fireworks on my birthday.

And, the gifts and wishes just keep on pouring in for this Mommy. I love that. I love gifts. I mean who doesn't? And, my husband just secured himself an extra special spot in my heart forever with his gift to me; the gift of knowing that he actually listens to me. I had mentioned just after birthing Masyn as a jest that seeing as he never gave me a birthing gift with Kaelen that he could redeem himself and kill two birds with one stone by gifting me with a Family Ring. It was said in genuine jest because I was having such a difficult recovery from Masyn's birth for that first two weeks. But low and behold, guess what I received for my birthday?? Yep! A Family Ring!! I chose the style and sizing yesterday so I will have to sit and wait with eager anticipation for the next couple of weeks for it to come in. I will provide you all with a picture once it arrives. Receiving this ring to me is like the giddy happiness of that when my husband asked me to marry him. I wanted to go out and show the world that I had a ring on my finger but unfortunately, Paul in his nervousness sized the engagement ring to match the size of a thumb ring that I was wearing at the time. I am sure the jeweller probably thought that I was a mammoth of a hulk when making it ....... Anyways, I had to wait for four weeks to get the ring back because it was made 4 sizes too big and the ring had to be totally remade. The feeling that I had then is what I feel now. Impatient. Impatient to wearing the ring with pride and the excitement of showing people and explaining the symbolism of the coloured stones.

Aside from this gorgeous ring, I have received a day at the spa (Thank you Auntie Janny and family!!). I have never been to a spa before (yes ... you have read that right) so the choices on the brochure seem endless. What is your favourite thing to have done? What would you recommend for this rookie?

And folks, the gifts and well wishes don't end there. I received super caring phone calls all day Friday accompanied by some rather interesting Grammy winning singing, homemade cards (Thank you Mom-In-Law), birthday cakes (yes ... two of them!), bottles of wine and Tim Horton's gift cards (because that is where I blow our children's education fund(s) on a daily basis). And sadly, the wealth of gifts aren't stopping yet. I am heading back to my hometown today to play with my Mom and sister for a week and they have gifts for me. Sigh ..... despite getting up there in age ... erm .... I mean being so youthful, I sure love having birthdays.


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Allie!


Goofball said...

Whaaaaa happy birthday. Gosh I didn't know that it was your birthday. I feel so bad. Terrible friend that I am.

I am very curious for the family ring! hurraaaaay

Happy happy birthday once again.