Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lovin Thy Neighbour

It is hot here baby. Hugely hot. Sizzling hot. Sweltering, constantly sweating hot. We are averaging +35 C or hotter every day for the past week. While the weather is beautiful, it certainly makes for a few challenges with the wee monkeys. The house is too hot for them at night (+31C with fans on), heat rash is starting to make a showing on Kaelen and Coppertone Kids 50 SPF is making a killing off of me.

Cue in our wonderful neighbours .... who happen to have the most refreshing POOL!!! I love being the recipient of generosity, especially when it directly benefits me in the form of cooling off my uncomfortable children. So, for the past two days, for two hours I am in bliss because my children are in bliss. Our neighbours not only have a gorgeous refreshing pool, but a shaded backyard with a HUGE sandbox in it!! It is a dream come true for any parent with young children.

It was Masyn's big debut in a pool. I know, 16 months is a long time to have a first experience in a pool but as expected, she took on the challenge with that of a warrior. As you can tell, she was totally relaxed and chilled out in her baby float.

Kaelen on the other hand was a little more dramatic. He was all eager to practice his new skills of dunking his head under water as he had learned in swim lessons, but it took us almost half an hour just to get him in the pool. The first day was a total flop and he spent most of our time there in the sandbox. However yesterday, he was a mad man and just wanted to jump off the diving board. For some reason, it was more appealing to jump into our neighbour's arms rather than mine. Which, was a good thing because my body is still recovering from the beating it took from work on Saturday night (that story to come later), so treading water was not at the top of my list to do.
Oh that water and pool was refreshing. Have I mentioned how much I love my neighbours?


Bella said...

I am hella jealous. I seriously want to wade in the pool like your litte girl. How do I get to do that??

Goofball said...

great neighbours are so important to have! How fantastic to share their pool.

what beating did you take? are you ok???? what happened?

Jenn said...

Being from Ontario, I love pools. Almost every other house had one. Ours did and it was the best. Glad to see Kaelen and Masyn are enjoying themselves.

I'd love a get together at the end of August. When will you be here? We are headed to Ontario around that time too, so hopefully the dates will work out. If you want to send me an e-mail at curlyjenn@gmail.com we can figure it out.