Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lucky Day

Yesterday, I was treated to a most surprising random act of kindness: a present in my mailbox!! Yes, my birthday is so very close but it wasn't a birthday present. It was a beautiful, thoughtful gift that still has me smiling this morning.

What is it you may ask? Well, Jenn over at Life In A Nutshell sent me her summer CD compilation as well as her son's favourite (okay ... and hers too seeing as she is such a HUGE BNL fan) CD, which is the Bare Naked Ladies children's album. It was totally out of the blue and wow, very touching. I have met Jenn twice in my life time and both times I am sure that Jenn figured that I was a stalker. We had met through the blogging world and would read each other's sites. Then one day, a couple of weeks after having Masyn, I recognized her (from her profile picture) in a mall in Calgary and ran up to introduce myself. Fast forward a year later, and again in Calgary, the kids and I ran into her, weeks before she delivered her second son in the Ikea cafeteria. I have spoken to Jenn perhaps a whole ten minutes of our lifetime, but I consider her as a good friend. With all of her support that she gives me on my site through comments and my following on her site, there is just that special connection for me. Our family is heading back to Calgary towards the end of August and I so hope that we will have the chance to meet up with her and her family prior to them leaving for their vacation.

So Jenn, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wonderful, sweet and uplifting gift of music!! You have provided us with an awesome gift of love and smiles!!


casual friday everyday said...

Oh how nice!

I wanted to let you know that I'm in Missouri (are you in Candada?) so we likely won't be able to meet up offline to speak about speech therapy but you are welcome to email me.


Jenn said...

Your welcome. Glad I could make your day. I do agree how "bloggers" become your friends. I have a couple of blogs I read where I feel like I'm friends with the author, yours included. It's a cool world. =)


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

So cool!

Goofball said...

isn't she a sweetie :)

sari said...

Oh I like Jenn! How nice!!