Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

Gosh ... a week has flown by and wow - I haven't even posted. So, what has been going on in our lives? Well, Masyn is still sick. We took her to the doctor on Monday and ended up getting chest x-rays to check out her lungs. Her left lung appears to have some raspy, rattling sounds to it so we wanted to rule out pneumonia. The x-ray came back as clear but the doctors have run other tests on her; to rule out issues like ear infection and bronchitis. We are still awaiting on the results. I was kind of hoping that one of the doctors would have been able to waive a magic wand over my daughter and miraculously solve whatever issue(s) is bothering her. She has been redefining the word miserable for over a month now and it is starting to get a little tiresome dealing with it.

We went to Cranbrook on the weekend to celebrate a post birthday party with my aunt who turned the ripe ol age of erm ... 29, a couple of weeks ago. Kaelen loved every minute of the trip as my aunt has a five month old rambunctious kitten running about her house. The two of them hit it off very well and played with each other for hours on end. I will post a video of one of the playtime escapades later on today. They were so stinking cute together. In addition to the cat, my aunt also has a Bearnaise dog that is two years old. Needless to say, the dog entertained Kaelen when running outside and the cat got the inside duty. One would have thought that the little man would have been tuckered out from all of the action going on but no - it only fueled the fire in him.

Yesterday we went to the zoo and FINALLY got to see that stinking cute baby elephant. Oh my gosh that thing is adorable!!! We also lucked out and got to see the baby tiger and the baby monkeys. Rumour has it that there are plans to bring back the seals and polar bears! How exciting would that be??? I remember visiting the zoo when I was a child and seeing the seals and it was so fun just to watch their antics.

Anyways, gotta run. Masyn is crying as usual so that means that I will cave and cuddle her once again. She is truly attached to me and I am either holding her or wearing her about 90% of her awake times. If I don't, then she screams. While I do love cuddling my daughter, I am desperately hoping that whatever issues are affecting her will be resolved soon. Hope everyone is well.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I do hope all is better soon, too! Lots of love and cuddle time will help!


Andrea said...

Aww! I hope that Masyn gets better soon! I know, I wear Tate a LOT of the time seems that's all he wants (teething), and it's great, I love it...but I understand how you wish she would be able to get better already...poor 'lil girlie!

kate said...

bummer that your little one is sick! i just got over bronchitis, so i know how awful it can be. hope she rebounds fast!

when i lived in Seattle the zoo had a baby elephant and MAN are they cute! and so playful. who knew?

Goofball said...

oh gosh, poor little masyn. I hope they find what is bothering her pretty soon!

And I am dying to see the video with Kaelen and the cat. Oh I wish I could have been there to join in on the fun.