Friday, October 26, 2007

That Darn Left Lung

No news is good news right? Or so they say if they aren't the ones dealing with a cranky baby. Masyn went in for round two of x-rays on that left lung that continues to make raspy, rattling noises. Despite a nice seal like croupy bark that emits from her oh say ... hmm ... every 15 minutes, the x-rays indicate that her lung(s) look fine.

While I am not knocking the doctors and I am truly relieved to hear that there doesn't seem anything too major wrong with my daughter, when will I be able to take comfort in this news? I mean, my daughter has literally turned into a whole new child. She was once this happy, content little baby that was always smiling. And after her first bout with the common cold back in mid September, she has been nothing but the devil child. She is always crying, fussing, not sleeping and doing her best to redefine the word miserable.

At what point to I start to take this horrible cough seriously? I mean, it sounds like bronchitis (and I have had it many times in my life) and every time she coughs, she starts to cry. Along with this cough, throat swabs were taken on her as her throat appears red as well. The doctor told me that all of this could be due to her teething. Perhaps I am a cynical bitch, but that is a little hard for me to believe. But .... I am giving it a try and hopefully one of these days Masyn will fight off whatever seems to be possessing her and return to my happy little girl.


Ellen said...

wow.. that's tuff, it's like where did my nice little child go :) sounds like we're in the same boat for the most part (about being 'single moms') sometimes it's hard not to feel sorry for yourself - I had been having one of those days when I posted.. just craving some adult interaction without child interruption :) but most days are good.. I actually just found an indoor gym where I can take my boy to run & play and I can interact with other moms.. so that may be my saving grace this winter :)

Andrea said...

I agree with you on the fact that this is not teething...although teething is not fun...uhhh...I don't think I've ever heard of it causing this!! I do hope SO much that Masyn gets better soon though...if I was you I might take her to another Dr. for a second opinion because I have known Dr's to be wrong from time to couldn't be croup could it? Just a thought. Thinkin' of you!

Goofball said...

oh gosh that sounds so tough. So the X-rays not showing anything feels like relief...and no relief at all, since clearly something is bothering her.

:(...I hope they find quickly what's wrong so that Masyn can be this super happy baby again. Poor little girl. A give you a big big big hug to give you support!

Jenn said...

Have they or could they give her a round of antibiotics? I know doctors don't want to abuse antibiotics, but it sounds like she may need them.

Good Luck


sari said...

I'd say take her to another doctor as well. A second opinion would make me feel a lot better about things!

I hope she's doing better soon.

Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

OH, poor baby. I hope you find the cure soon. It can be so hard on mommy's to watch their baby's deal with sickness. Hang in there girl.