Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello World

Hello world. Hello all. We are good. Yes, I am still alive and I still have the capabilities to type, write and hit a post button. I have had challenges of late: a lack of laptop to post such riveting trivia about my family, a busted up camera that can not take pictures of late nor can I upload the few pictures that I manage to take and well, you see, I am kind of busy. Busy with life, managing a family, a business and trying desperately to acquire a life for myself. We as a family have been travelling for both health and pleasure. So I hate to tell this to you, but you come second in my life now. It won't be for long. Just a little longer if you can find a little more patience within yourself. I promise that you will be rewarded accordingly with stories and pictures that will make you laugh, cry and probably puke due to a cornball wedged within your esophagus.

Until then, let the countdown begin: 4 more sleeps until I will post your first form of entertainment. See? I can still manage to provide you at least a bit of a teaser no?

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Goofball said...

Ah I was wondering already. Glad you are fine though!